Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling  


I specialize in helping women who:

  • struggle with perfectionism 
  • fear that their emotions are too much 
  • experience anxiety, sadness, and loneliness 
  • struggle with low self-esteem  
  • compare themselves to others 
  • have a history of family or relational trauma
  • have difficulty maintaining close relationships  

I specialize in helping men who:

  • want to develop healthy communication skills
  • learned bad habits growing up that are getting in their way today
  • experience sadness or anxiety 
  • struggle to set boundaries and express their needs in relationships 
  • have experienced infidelity  
  • find that wanting to be right and being logical often leads to fights rather than a resolution
I am LGBTQ-affermative, and I support couples of all sexual orientations, in every stage of their relationships.  

I specialize in helping couples who:

  • want to feel connected emotionally and physically 
  • feel unhappy but love their partner deeply
  • are struggling to heal from betrayal and violation of trust 
  • are experiencing a life transition 
  • want healthy, loving, and productive communication skills
  • are seeking transformation rather than a quick fix 
  •  have a good relationship and want to nurture skills that encompass a great relationship 
  • want to explore their sexuality, playfulness, and maintain loving desire for their partner
I am LGBTQ-affermative, and I support couples of all sexual orientations, in every stage of their relationships.  


Getting Started


What happens next? 

If you feel like we might be a good fit for each other, fill out the new client information form.  

I will get in touch with you through email to set up a time to talk for a few minutes.  

What will we talk about? 

I will call to introduce myself, coordinate a time to meet, and ask a few questions about the support you are looking for.  To maintain confidentiality I will not ask for detailed information.  


What will the consutation session be like? 

This is a time to get to know each other, see how you feel with me and the environment we are meeting in.  We are going to be working through some tough things together, so feeling safe is vital for growth and change. 

After our session I will give you information about what to expect from our therapy journey together, and my contact information.