Individual Therapy and Couples Counseling


I specialize in helping people who:

  • Have a history of family or relational trauma

  • Struggle with low self-esteem

  • Feel stuck in a abusive or toxic relationship

  • Have difficulty in maintaining close relationships 

  • Feel lonely

  • Struggle with social anxiety

  • Experience sadness or feel empty and are not sure why 

  • Want to develop healthy communication skills 

  • Struggle with perfectionism and self-criticism 

  • Need support navigating the dating world


I also specialize in helping people in relationships who:

  • Want to identify unhelpful patterns in communication and use that knowledge to transform their ability to connect, speak, and listen

  • Want to learn more about their partner and practice effective skills that will invite hope, compassion, and profound change

  • Have a hard time trusting their partner

  • Struggle with jealously and/or fear that their partner will leave

  • Are on the brink of breaking up

  • Want to learn how to set boundaries, and articulate their needs in a clear and direct way



If you checked off a few of the concerns listed above we might be a good fit for each other. By learning more about your mind and your unique story we can discover what you will need to live a mentally and relationally healthy life.

I am LGBTQ-affermative and support couples of all sexual orientations, in every stage of their relationships.